Files for Mark Mann

Warm and Snuggly

Mark Mann — Oct 25, 1996

Warm, yes. Snuggly, no. A lava-filled pit is surrounded by, and crossed over with, jagged steplike areas. One wrong move, and you're drinking the hot stuff. There's a 2x recharger, but it's pretty exposed...

Mark's Maps

Mark Mann — Sep 17, 1996

Three maps. Basically simple, but very nicely done. Shoot the Curl is pretty simple-two identical rooms connected by an s-turn. Most ammo is underwater. Lots to hide behind. Ring of Power is a pretty cool 5-D map that takes a little time to get the hang of... but works really well, once you do. 4-Gun Clover is pretty well named... there's a ledge around the outside of the cloverleaf, and a cross cut into the center of it... all ammo is in the cross, which can be filled with PfhorSlime. Only 8 shotguns, max, so this one's really designed for smaller groups. Plays quite nicely, even on slower machines (although it's hard to look at in low-res).