Files for Mark T

Roy Batty

Mark T — Apr 13, 1997

From the same author of "Well of Souls". This net level is a large square arena with a elevated exposed ring that runs around the edge. Another outer ring surrounds the whole map with some small notches and rooms along the way. Best suited for EMFH, KOTH and also get a real good physics model..."Watch Out Phatboy"..Design is basically good with some neat details along the way, flow is much better on this one...

The Well of Souls

Mark T — Apr 13, 1997

A large to giant net map that has some very good details and design techniques. The overall flow is slow at times due to the dead ends that are at the different areas of the map. But, these notches in the wall, etc, are great hiding spots to pick off other marines as they come by. A isolated ammo room, has everything you need in the way of shield recharge and ammo, that is only accessed by teleport; along with some water pools, that have some pretty good rewards at the bottom, provide enough ammo for a large group. You will need 5-8 for this one. Send the author some email requesting him to make some solo maps, he definitely has some ideas. Also comes with a physics model that enhances your weapons with ammo and sound. The double fisted magnums are pretty cool.