Files for Mark Thomas

Urban Warfare

Mark Thomas — May 23, 1996

A large, rambling team level. There are bases to guard, features that can only be accessed by two people working together, and lots and lots of places to sneak up on someone. Not a high carnage level... more of a hunt-and-be-hunted one...

High Anxiety

Mark Thomas — May 13, 1996

Another team map. There are two forts, each with a few ways in, all of which involve a very exposed, very slow elevator ride. Lots and lots of weapons in the forts, lots and lots of ammo in the ammo dump (nowhere near the forts). This is a very big map-play this if you like the hunt, not if you're looking for in-your-face carnage. Some cool tricks, like bunker shutters (windows that close from the inside, but don't open from the outside...). Not viewable with Pfhorte.