Files for Martin Grider


Martin Grider — Feb 24, 1996

Based on a literary passage that describes a city with a lake beneath it that doesn't go beyond the city's borders. Well done, but can be confusing figuring out where you are.

Pfhortresses v1.0

Martin Grider — Feb 19, 1996

2 maps. Both variants of capture the flag... designed with two teams in mind, there are two fortresses in each map, and two skulls. Grab a skull, hide it and stock up, and let the searching begin!

PfhorSquare Tower

Martin Grider — Feb 14, 1996

Big, and geometrical. Lots of nooks and crannies... play it once before you get your friends together for a net game-it's in your interest to understand the switches before you begin.

Cake and Friends

Martin Grider — Feb 12, 1996

4 maps. A couple of these are built like layer cakes (hence the name). The best one, Soggy Layer Cake, has a bizarre bug that causes it to crash ONLY Powermacs. (I've never seen this before.) It runs fine on 68K machines, though...