Files for Masahiro Yasuda

Let's Swim in the Pool v1.2

Masahiro Yasuda — Feb 03, 1999

What a Map Maker this fellow is! We're still in somewhat of a Labyrinth mode, not too much though. The changes in textures and structures from very tall edifices to sewage swims to lava jumps is quite extraordinary, very well thought out. This scenario will keep you moving, decimating aliens and looking for a couple of very elusive chips. Switches galore! And they all function (in their time) to open this Map for your "solve the puzzle" pleasure. The story is middle-of-the-road but fits the scenario. Because Mr. Yasuda obviously works hard at map building, we highly recommend a download. Pretty Cool!

Labyrinth Ch.2;Not Doing Well 2

Masahiro Yasuda — Feb 03, 1999

A v2 to the first Labyrinth Map here on the Archives. The Japanese artwork is gorgeous. Of course Mr. Yasuda lives there! Normally when we see Labyrinth we run screaming for the airlock! And, a labyrinth and a Vacuum level, how cool is that! A three level scenario with the first being an information/transport level. When you get to the real deal & bring up the Map, if you don't gasp in awe at the complexity you're not grasping the situation here! But surprise surprise . . . this baby moves right along, plenty of air, some pattern buffers and you can keep your fusion gun well supplied. There is that little problem of finding four data chips, however. Things progress, this is playable, this is Fun! Worth a download!