Files for matheis

Palace o' Pistol Pleasure

matheis — Feb 10, 1999

Palace o' Pistol Pleasure is magnum/fusion pistol only map, made up from 6 varied sized/shaped rooms lined up north/south direction, the southern most room holding a hill and 3x recharger. Because of the map linearitity, it can be very difficult to take anyone who gets a foothold at the recharger

The Pfhor Stages of Death

matheis — Feb 10, 1999

A grid of narrow corridors with a crusher room in each corner that is pressure operated, or can be locked down on your opponents. A slightly 5D space corridor leads out from the grid to a medium sized arena that forms the hill and initially holds some of the heavier weaponary.

Hip Hop, Then You Fall

matheis — Feb 10, 1999

A flat, medium sized netmap consisting of an enclosed arena with a number of doorways leading through to additional corridors. Fairly simple, fast flowing design that's set up for all net modes for 2-6 players.