Files for Matt Schenk


Matt Schenk — Jan 19, 1999

A 3-level solo scenario, where your job is to clean up after someone else's mess (what else is new?) Starts a little slow, but picks up okay.

Decimate >-)

Matt Schenk — Jan 15, 1999

Mr. Schenk in the Read Me states he is 14. We believe it due to several factors, language is one. PG13 for sure! But watch this guy, he is working towards being a Marathon Map Maker Extrodinnaire! This is basically a "Kill all the Aliens" mission with some clever twists. Barry apparently is the AI (Barry?) and gives you clear directions. This is a large scenario with every texture, hallway, lighting, platform, large space, small area . . . you've ever seen in a Marathon game beautifully executed. Shapes patch included. It's terrific! Clever! Playable, flows, progresses. Two levels, some surprises. We are so impressed. However, that darn however; at the end of level two when you finally reach where you were supposed to go for transport, there is a Pattern Buffer (works) and a Terminal (doesn't). Terminal freezes my Mac and all grinds to a stop. See if you can find another way. This is a dynamite design from Matt. Eminently playable, lots of fun!