Files for Michael Gaines

Baraka 3/3 Demo

Michael Gaines — Jul 05, 1996

A three-level demo of a 10-level solo scenario. (The first level has been altered a little from the original Baraka demo.) Also included are three net levels, as well as lots of peripheral info... a silly movie (you'll need a tool that can make it visible, like ResEdit), screen shots, sketches of work and info on the mapmaking process. Fun, but it seemed to go by pretty quickly...

You may want to look at the floppy-sized digestible chunks page.

The Host of Seraphim v1.0

Michael Gaines — Jan 02, 1996

A nicely flowing map on a couple of levels. Learn the switches quickly...

"If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It"

Michael Gaines — Dec 19, 1995

Totally non-040 friendly (looks like zero line length error...). and the textures and angles give me a headache on a powermac. Some nice secrets, though...

Stardate 9508.18

Michael Gaines — Dec 18, 1995

A house. Not bad, but it feels cramped... very few places to hide. Nice use of sound.

Expedite This!

Michael Gaines — Jul 13, 1995

Geometrical, but easy to lose track of where you are.