Files for Michael Hunsley

UESC Duodenium v1.2.1

Michael Hunsley — Feb 03, 2000

An extremely enjoyable 2-level scenario. Lighting is great, gameplay is fantastic (I hate those spnkr bobs!), the touches are wonderful. (Check out the Commander's diary...) I think my only real gripe is the number of hidden doorways and passages. (Some of them are critical.) If you don't mind looking hard for the next path, this is one truly satisfying scenario. (You'll get good at dodging missile pairs... this map seems to throw them at you in tight corridors.) Update fixes a couple of minor problems in the first version, and drastically reduces filesize by using jpeg compression on the terminal picts. v1.2.1 update fixes a cosmetic bug that crept back in, somehow... sorry, Michael!

13 Group v2.1

Michael Hunsley — Jun 06, 1999

An update to a very interesting solo scenario. Flow is quite good (although figuring out what to do next is not always easy), and level design is great. The spnkr-toting bobs fire four shots at once... they can be seriously deadly in tight places. There is a tendency to overdo on the baddies (especially evident on the second level, which would have been much more enjoyable if I'd found the save buffer down below), but overall, it's really playable, and it keeps the adrenaline level extremely high. This latest version is identical to the previous version, except that the 24-bit chapter screens have been JPEG-compressed. This does three things: it halves the filesize, it REQUIRES that QuickTime be installed in your extensions folder (otherwise, you'll see no picture at all), and it ups the memory requirement a little bit. The first result (filezise dropping from greater than 3 megs to about 1.25 megs) easily makes the second two worthwhile.