Files for Michael Nuceder

M'Netta Operation 2.5

Michael Nuceder — Apr 02, 1996

This puppy's BIG. Also dark, with winding, twisting passages, and many many levels on top of each other. And bright, with open, airy areas with nice views. (Did I mention it was big?) Don't bother using your map... it's nearly useless. Engrossing, but watch the traps-you'll have to start from your last save if you get caught... Update fixes a few things that are funny, adds baddies, aligns textures... It's also not bright anymore. (It's at night.)

Save Yourself... Kill Them All 2.0

Michael Nuceder — Feb 15, 1996

A fun romp through a bunch of rooms... a couple of secret ammo dumps to find, and basically just a lot of carnage to keep you busy for a while. Update adds a couple of terms, courtesy of Hex!