Files for Michio Hashimoto

Map Demerger 1.0.1

Michio Hashimoto — Feb 08, 1999

Apparently, a tool very similar to the Marathon Map Splitter. I haven't tested it extensively, but it seems to work as advertised. Not a new tool, just not here before.

D&M Ultimap

Michio Hashimoto — Jan 15, 1999

The reason we all have 60 channels on the TV is... choices. This NetPak is all about choices. 16 Maps, each somewhat different, all reasonable. These gentlemen are considered VidMasters in Japan, so they say. They would like feedback as to whether you like, can use, this substantial Pak of maps. They may have a handle. 1. Dimension Doors/Bungieeeeeeee!!! You can fly, pick up ammo for next level/map. 2. You Can't go back, Of Course; hideous maze-type layout. Gather ammo while ye may. 3. Arerona, pick up ammo, bunch of terms with teleporters attached, back to 'You Can't go back, Of Course'! From here to... 4. Lavayard, terms, transport back to YCGBOC. Then... 5. Sewage World, teleport to YCGBOC. 6. Then on to Bungeeeeee! 7. Miharena (now we're getting somewhere!). Square, KOTH, some aliens, cool layout. 8. The Eight, surprise! Different. Crusher, true net (whatever that means), multi-shape layout. 9. Colosseum, KOTH, compilers, arena play. 10. Carnage House Economy, pretty good, Baby Bobs, recon essential. 11. Photon Spirit '97, very complex; Compilers, Pfhor. Big layout! 12. One Hit Terror, maze (horrible), transporters on ledges, good luck! 13. Half & Double, rectangle, qualifies as standard net play. 14. Water World, square (can you say glub?), Flechette for underwater, raised central area for KOTH. 15. Dust of Disappearance, two KOTH locations, no aliens, clean design, can transport to one another's Hill. 16. Sewage Dome, best described as 'combo play', KOTH fer sure, Arena, tag with scattered aliens to distract. Not a big download here, but a selection worthy of your attention. Aliens in majority of levels, first 5-6 frustrating due to back, forward, back thing. But hey, try it!