Files for Mike Slavko

The Collective 1.3

Mike Slavko — Mar 12, 1997

A pretty good three level solo scenario. The first level will tax you and don't feel alone if you find yourself standing in the beginning room scratching your head. We've been there too. The second level has some good tricks in it. This update fixes a major smear when the "flood" happens. The third level is lava based. Save everywhere you can, you'll need it. Some tightness at times and some homogeneous textures in some areas, but not bad when you consider the tricks that are added into the second level. The pfhor fighters come in a different color-worth the download.

this update adds text to levels 2 &3, changes the flow on the 2 level and tweaks a few other objects

Skin of Your Teeth 1.0

Mike Slavko — Dec 09, 1996

A five level follow up to the Osterburg Adventure. This one IMO is much better. Careful attention has been placed to lighting details and flow. Although I found myself wondering why I was taking certain routes, it still proved interesting enough to make me keep coming back for more. Lots of baddies and a unique shapes patcher that allows for some other "Marathon visited times" to stir your memory. A few bugs in this one, but worth the adventure. Some texture problems here and there but, fairly well done. Keep going back to check for things that have changed if you get stuck.

Osterberg Adventure 1.2

Mike Slavko — Nov 14, 1996

A three-level solo scenario, from someone who learned an awful lot from the likes of Bungie, Tony Smith, and Randall Shaw. The storyline's cohesive, though not pulitzer material... the levels are very playable. The near-constant juggernaut explosions add a novel lighting effect to the third level. Definitely worth a look. Update fixes a few missing or misaligned textures.

The Ramus Adventure

Mike Slavko — Nov 01, 1996

A six level solo scenario. Generally high quality construction, and entertaining flow. This one'll keep you busy for a while... really has the feel of a tight-quartered ship, in places.