Files for Morgan Catha

Place Your Bets! v2.0

Morgan Catha — Apr 24, 2000

A non-participatory arena for up to eight people. Switches open doors at either end, freeing "teams" of monsters (bobs and S'pht'Kr on one end, everyone else on the other). The point, I guess, is to bet on the outcome... Latest update tweaks physics models, increases monster movement, adds a second level. Here's a hint: At normal difficulty, without juggernauts, the S'pht'kr clean up. Add juggs to the mix, and, well...

Balance of Terror v1.2

Morgan Catha — Apr 21, 2000

Hmm... this one's not really classifiable. It's designed as a teams map, with very fixed goals. On the plus side, the goals seem pretty cool, the level design is quite good, and weapons layout has been very well thought out. On the minus side, if the goals are used, a game will be a minimum of 25-40 minutes long, which is a bit much for most groups, the map is really, really big, making getting lost quite easy, and the whole thing has some quirks. (Aliens, for example, are nearly invincible. I finally dropped down to kindergarten, and it still took most of my ammo just to kill two green troopers.) Also, you might not be thrilled with the weapons layout... you have to think carefully, and be aware of what you're picking up. (This is part of the plan.) If you've got a really big group, and lots and lots of time for netgames, this might be for you. Otherwise, grab it maybe to look at level design, which, again, is quite good. The size is due to a shapes patch (another downside for netplay)-it's essentially a mix of texturesets 2 and 4. (Looks nice, if that's any consolation.) This version has been upgraded to the Aleph One engine. (Good thing, too... cause it smears Infinity something awful in a few places.) Pretty gorgeous... but the inherent difficulties haven't decreased.

Kobayashi Maru

Morgan Catha — Apr 21, 2000

This map seems to be very similar to the version released 3 years ago, except the sounds patch is quite a bit bigger. The map very similar, and the shapes patch is identical... the level is still in the spirit of the test it takes its name from. (Watch more Star Trek movies if that makes no sense to you.)