Files for Ben Potter/Claude Errera/Tony Smith

Origin of Species -SDL- v1.1

Ben Potter/Claude Errera/Tony Smith — Dec 02, 2000

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Origin of Species v1.1.

Converted by Craig Caroon of Electric Infinity.

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Origin of Species v1.1

Ben Potter/Claude Errera/Tony Smith — May 12, 2000

In the early days of Marathon mapmaking, a player came on the scene who quickly made a name for himself. Tony Smith started with Dad, Get Me Out of This in early 1996, and never looked back. Eventually, he released the extremely highly regarded Origin of Species series serially, as single-level maps. The final level was released in early 1997 as an Infinity map (all previous levels were for M2). A few weeks ago, Ben Potter approached me with the idea of compiling all of Tony's maps (not just the Origin of Species levels) into a single, cohesive scenario. This project took on a life of its own, partly because it was more complicated than we'd initially thought, partly because we had a superb betatesting team that were relentless in their quest for bugs and problems, and partly because the original maps were so good, we wanted to make sure we did it RIGHT. We hope you enjoy playing the final product as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Remember: Dive into the melee; wield superior firepower; endure.