Files for Paul Bertone Jr

Carnage all the Way

Paul Bertone Jr — Feb 13, 1997

A single level net map with some Bob who get serious with you. The author want's you to kill 100 bobs before the terminal will allow you to have success, but trust me, unless you are a vidmaster you won't live that long anyway. Great design with some neat design tricks, lights and textures are well chosen and the flow is fast, except for the bobs that are just about everywhere!

Beautiful Chickens

Paul Bertone Jr — Feb 13, 1997

A large net level that has just about some of the best design and light sets I have seen yet. This one is based on shotguns and it is best played with KOTH net mode. You will need at least 3 or 4 at the minimum for this one, but I promise you won't be disappointed. Enough ammo for eight

Ruiners Map Pak

Paul Bertone Jr — Jan 28, 1997

6 Levels-a couple of them have the best light sets I have seen yet. When these first came to me they were in a different I will try to get the order right in the descriptions: 1) Anythings Possible-Media level with water cannons, various net play possible. 2) ArchiTorture-(I hope this is right) a space arena with a cool trick....some obstacles slow the flow down-rectangluar in design 3) EgneHenotS: the best light sets I have seen to date. Get this just to look at these lights. (study the name a minute and see if you can figure out what the construction is based on) 4)The Pain Years-circular arena with wrapping stairs-if I have the right one, the stairs are on 3 teirs, pretty cool!! 5)Agony-KOH, KTMWTB-water level underneath with some more incredible lights. 6)Everyones Imortal but I-Bungie rehash--except a few tricks with the elevators...

Where the Piggies Play v2.0

Paul Bertone Jr — Jan 09, 1997

A update of a previously posted map. This update adds a very good rooftop arena. One that is large enough to get some high carnage rates in. There has been a secret added, don't give up it's there and now there is a ending terminal for you that play this map solo. Will support 8 with no problem. KOH, KMWB,EMFH are all supported with this one. Some great ideas but there are some flow interruptions. I personally liked the way the hallways were laid out.