Files for Power Computing

Levitus Shapes Patch

Power Computing — Mar 28, 1996

So you can't handle a 5.5 meg download? And you have lots of RAM? Here's a patcher, made by UpdateMaker, that turns your standard Shapes file into the Levitus Shapes file, described above. It's less than 300k... but the bad news is, it requires almost 20 megs of RAM. (Virtual memory should count...) I'm still looking for a patcher that can handle dataforks, and doesn't require that both the old and new files be read into RAM before the patch can take place...

Marathon 2 Enhancer: Kill the Bob

Power Computing — Dec 15, 1995

Your favorite target, good old Bob, has been replaced with Bob LeVitus, Director of Evangelism for Power Computing Corporation. Because there are no great tools yet for making non-resource patches (if you know of one, tell me about it), you get the entire Shapes file... which is rather large. Also, it only works with the commercial version of Marathon 2, not the demo... you've been warned. (And you may have to set the type and creator codes for this file in order for it to show up in your Environment Shapes list.
The proper values are TYPE shp2, CREATOR 52.4.