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geranimo DETHH jump! v1.1

private hudson — Apr 06, 2001

Geranimo deth jump is actually a special gimmick preview version of a netmap from an upcoming kickass infinity scenario TC19.
Erkki has been making maps since infinity came out. It's all about quality.
Lotsa respect to the ones who will play this map with their friends. Send the films to

-infinity sewage texture set
-suits well for all group sizes
-good flow
-carefully designed & tested.

WARNING: netbob infested map. lethal ordinance airborne continuously. monsters placed in the map are for netmap training purposes only. do not whine about dying all the time!

black surge v1.1

private hudson — Apr 03, 2001

Hill and Ball now fixed!

Very small lava netmap with A-rifles, shotguns and rocket launchers. Will propably work best as a koth map for 3 skilled players. symmetrical design, small arena-style map.

4 small ledges with starting locations and assault rifles. hill is in the middle. under the hill is rocket launcher room, shotguns are everywhere. First player on the hill gets a free 3X powerup but it won't appear again. If you nail someone with the SPNKR, he'll most likely wind up in a lava pool (don't worry they're hard to fall into accidentally and are easy to get out from).

full contact in-your-face combat. the whole map is fitted in area 17 X 17 world units wide.

mr. Spade's Office v1.0

private hudson — Apr 03, 2001


ok check it out and send me your films.
it's only few KBs....