Files for Ragnarok

Long December v2.1

Ragnarok — Feb 10, 1999

Fairly open and fast flowing. The main 'arena' is split into two levels with a water pool on the lower level and stairs leading to the higher where a hill is raised up in one corner. Two elevators rise to a ledge/corridor that surrounds the arena. Would support groups of 2-6. Update of a previous release - minor changes to remove possible crashes, and some object placement improvements

Circular Synapse v0.61

Ragnarok — Nov 06, 1996

A well-built 5D map that's seriously confusing until you get the hang of it... and then carnage gets absurd. Don't stay on the hill for too long... it's very, very dangerous. Nice use of the portals concept. Update darkens up the outside stairways, and reshapes the portals. Overall, this is a very playable map.