Files for Randy Reddig

Hats Off to Eight Nineteen -SDL-

Randy Reddig — Nov 14, 2000

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Hats Off to Eight Nineteen.

Converted by Craig Caroon of Electric Infinity.

To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit the respective pages.

Last Survivor of the Nostromo...

Randy Reddig — Jul 13, 1999

The last Marathon map ydnar ever made. It's been sitting on his drive until now... it's not entirely finished, but nearly finished for ydnar is polished like a diamond for human mapmakers. (Well, okay, it could use a little bit of lighting and sound work, and maybe some weapons placement... but it's pretty impressive as it stands.) Enjoy it...

Pfhactory N'Utopia

Randy Reddig — Jul 03, 1999

By some incredibly lame oversight on my part, this seminal map never made it into the archives. (It's been finished for years...) It's the base for the Infinity maps Aye Mak Sicur, Aie Mak Sicur, Carroll Street Station, You're Wormfood Dude, and who knows what else. It started life as a huge M1 netmap, grew into an M2 netmap, was probably the first 1024 poly Infinity map, and is just one heck of a map. And now it's here. Sorry for the delay.

Infinity Easter Egg

Randy Reddig — Oct 21, 1996

This map was included in the Infinity package as an easter egg. Finding it was truly convoluted... details can be found in the Readme. Suffice it to say, it's a way-cool trick. The map is here with the permission of its author.

Pfhinale v1.0

Randy Reddig — Jan 29, 1996

This is another rf reddig map, released many months ago in an almost finished state. I finished it. Enjoy. This is what a small arena should be.


Randy Reddig — Jan 11, 1996

The first M2 map done (well, sort of) by AFCYdnar, the creator of Pfhorever and Pfhactory. This map was never finished (it's not 68K clean-use Ignore Zero Divides on those machines), and was never meant to be released, but it has already been leaked by some of his friends, so... It's actually a pretty nice small (sewage-filled) arena. Dark, and the liquid keeps the death rate reasonable...

Pfhactory v2.2CS

Randy Reddig — Jan 10, 1996

The CS stands for Chapter Screen. This map is identical to the above version of Pfhactory, except that it has a great chapter screen at the beginning of it... I'll leave 'em both up, because the first one contains films and an M1 version of the map that this one doesn't have. Only change in this version is that the 8-bit version of the chapter screen is now in color.

Pfhactory v2.0

Randy Reddig — Jan 06, 1996

Conversion of a *very* big M1 level. Plays best with 8 players... This archive includes some films and the M1 version as well.

Pfhorever v2.0b1

Randy Reddig — Dec 21, 1995

A pretty nice arena in the style of Waldo World. Package also comes with a version for M1.

Pfhactory v0.9b

Randy Reddig — Oct 09, 1995

A huge level with lots of places to hide... Designed for team play. Comes with a 30 minute film (teams, 3 on 2) showing some of the niceties of the level. Don't bother with less than four.

Shape Shuttle

Randy Reddig — Mar 18, 1995

Creates a "patcher" that contains only your changed shapes. Don't distribute huge Shapes files! Use Shape Shuttle and save up/download time!