Files for Rich Dierkes

Ode to Pombero (M2) v1.7

Rich Dierkes — Aug 15, 2000

11 levels. These were released for Infinity a few months back... now they're available in M2 format, and they prove that great maps can look great in multiple texturesets. Rich is a master at multilevel carnage... but even those who like shooting folks on a level playing field will find maps to love here. Good, clean carnage, no bugs. Grab 'em and go!

Brief Nardonic Requiems v1.4

Rich Dierkes — Mar 28, 1999

Two very good levels from what a great marathon author. The first level Translation into Loyalty, consists of a few mini arenas with the Tempus Pfhor texture set. The second, I Used to Be uses the outdoor enviroment from Tempus. Two very fun levels that can also be played solo. 1.4 update tweaks lighting, textures, and layout to improve gameplay.

Grip of Impulse v1.4

Rich Dierkes — Feb 03, 1999

No Map Description Available at this time.

To Squirm and Stiffen... v1.1

Rich Dierkes — Jan 19, 1999

5 maps, all nicely built, all catering to slightly different tastes. Small groups should be able to use all 5, but larger groups will probably pass on the middle three... unless they're looking for 5+ kpm rates. Flow is generally quite good.

Folie a'Deux

Rich Dierkes — Mar 20, 1998

Another two level net hopper from Rich. The first level is a small outdoor arena set with the Nardo alien texture set. The final level is a outdoor/indoor arena with some great design ideas. Another great one from Rich!

Cherished Illusions

Rich Dierkes — Mar 11, 1998

Another great level from Rich. This map has three levels, two that are new sporting the Nardo textures and the third, using the pfhor Nardo set is a port from Rich's Evil Map"Meat Hive". These levels really are visually stunning with these textures. I found myself just trying to steer clear of the "baddies" long enough to take in the texture choices. The flow is great and the "multi-split-level" idea is really challenging. This is a great map and will support any play you desire.

Evil: Meat Hive

Rich Dierkes — Mar 10, 1998

Another great level from Rich! This map is built with the Evil Lava texture set although you won't see the lava. It can support as many as 8 players and all the net modes. This thing has drones in it that are very deadly. So if you play it as a practice level, watch out. The purple pulse's that they shoot are very determental to your shields. Built in a oval layout, this thing has great flow, some very nice visual tricks and will provide for some overall great net play. I played it solo and you need good aim to shoot the "gnat" like drones.

Evil: Profane Catalepsy

Rich Dierkes — Mar 06, 1998

A small to medium sized net level with two raised walkways along with two levels that make up this level. Total levels in this map equals three and the transitions are very fast and very smooth. Some great fast carnage games will be provided if you download this file. All modes supported, the hill is pictured in the screen shot. Grab this one, aliens are added for some practice.

Evil: Apostasy & Nettleson

Rich Dierkes — Mar 06, 1998

Visually, one of the nicest maps that I have received in a while. Built with the water texture set, this level has various multi-levels that can be accessed rapidly and with ease. The ring around the map is somewhat inset in the level. Design is very well done and the choice of textures are very nice. Aliens included for practice and all net modes supported.

Marinero al Carbon

Rich Dierkes — Mar 06, 1998

Out of all the Evil levels that Rich has made, I liked this one the best. There is a embedded physics model and once you play this level, I think you will understand why I liked it so much. It has just about everything in a net level along with some good suicide areas, some good basic weapons, open type arena but not completely wide open and some fast lower levels. Take a look!

Evil: Corrupt Behavior

Rich Dierkes — Mar 06, 1998

A medium sized square arena. The ring provides access to the four levels that wrap up to the top elevated area. Built with the sewage texture set, this level has very good flow and if you are a mouse player, the aiming that this one requires will be right up your alley. Lots of aliens for practice and most net modes supported!

Evil:Fetid Psyllium Sigma Net Hop

Rich Dierkes — Mar 06, 1998

Seven levels, really just six with a starter level. This is a Evil net hopper with some very fine small to medium net maps. The aliens are included if you would just like to play it solo, net modes are supported. You get to do some spnkr hopping on a couple of levels and one was made with chisel. A really nice "oval" type arena.

Alternatives to Submission v4.1

Rich Dierkes — May 05, 1997

I almost put this one in the small net map group, but it does have 8 starting points. Some very good detail put in to the design of this level. A medium sized net map that is probably best suited for EMFH. A exposed shield recharge, and some great tunnel passageways that reminded me of A Converted Church. Should provide for some fast and great carnage. Sounds were placed sparingly and the light sets were used in some really good places. Once you get the feel of the map the flow was pretty good. Visually a good effort.

Slaughter Net Four

Rich Dierkes — Apr 30, 1997

Four small to medium net maps. Very fast, very plain, high carnage rates. Some very good 5D ideas on these, along with some other cool tricks. Besos Revueltos-missiles and 5D. Betadine Barbie-missiles again. B Pump Barbie-some really neat physics built in, especially the sounds. Chicken Pops & Expresso-physics again along with a two level arena carnage fest. Some real good ideas here, visually great in some areas.

Visceral Fury

Rich Dierkes — Mar 21, 1997

A somewhat medium sized net level with a built in physics model. Weapons are different in this level, since you are born with a spankr and some of the other ones require some baddies when you get them. The missle paks are located along two walkways-but don't go too slow along them, you will find that these are prime areas to get picked off...

update now takes the physics model out.

"Blood-loss, Folly and Passion"

Rich Dierkes — Mar 21, 1997

A very big net map with a lot of polys. It was still pretty fast in high-res. Again from the author of The Hunger Which Summons , another very large net map that will require 8. (you might get by with six). 3 courtyards that surround a center arena with a water pump in the middle. There is a hide-out here so in essence, KOTH could be played. The spankr is located in a isolated room but the rewards in this area will come with some baddies. Some very nice detail work again. This guy just keeps getting better and better...

Don't Scapegoat the Metamucil

Rich Dierkes — Mar 21, 1997

A medium sized arena map with wrapping hallways that have many obstacles. Very similiar to Marathon 2 net level-"Shangrila"...but with a lot of corners and bends. The small arena in the middle has a 2x recharge, (sound familiar), and two chip insertion slots. The chips will open some very slow doors with ammo caches. The spankr is there, but again you will pay dearly for it if your not careful. IMO don't even try the bigger weapons or you will be in "suicide heaven"...

Dysfunctional Temporal Lobes

Rich Dierkes — Mar 21, 1997

A small net map with alot of "5D". A built in physics model will give one of the weapons some added punch. A long rectangle net map with some 5D hallways in the middle. Really confused me at first.

Big Whoopee Dings Dongs

Rich Dierkes — Mar 20, 1997

A small, very detailed sunken arena with two outer rings that wrap around it. The rings are constructed at two different elevations that are open to the arena. This map is very fast and has great flow, except in the pit. Exit out of the pit is via teleporters, or by a elevator in the middle that leads to a 2x shield recharger atop a raised hill. But, as noted in the past with this author, don't get to greedy for the shields, you are exposed to most areas from the rings.

The Hunger which Summons

Rich Dierkes — Mar 20, 1997

A large, (this puppy is big), net level that will take 6 to 8 to keep it interesting. Some very good detail work here but this thing goes on and on. Jjaro textures along with vacuum enviroment, will keep you moving through this thing at a pretty good clip. A couple of dead ends and a teleporter to another area off the main map, aliens are pretty vicious there, but other than that a very good map. Small passages and wide open rooms will make you take a while to get your bearings. "controlled action and stalking should dominate". (authors read me) Sounds like a good strategy. EMFH or KTMWTB would be best, IMO.

Dance Hits

Rich Dierkes — Mar 18, 1997

A large net level that consists of three square/rectangular rooms. Many sniper perches that are accessed by player controlled switches. Triple powerups are located three times in this level, but don't stay there too long... One secret where the aliens will win eventually. The read me gives a suggested strategy.