Files for Richard Dierkes

Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors 1.5

Richard Dierkes — Feb 12, 1999

This guy's the master of flow. 20 maps, all beautifully laid out, plenty of weapons, no getting stuck on a slow elevator, not a texture out of place. Gorgeous. You could stay busy with this one for weeks.

Hemorrhagic Asylum v1.2

Richard Dierkes — Feb 08, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Nerve and Sinew v1.1

Richard Dierkes — Feb 03, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Evil-Hope and Death v1.3

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

Another very good Evil map from R.Dierkes. As with all of the maps from this author he always gives you multi-levels within levels. This one includes some very good design and flow, great ideas and as always, some very good placement of weapons and ammo. Supports EmfH and KoTh.

Evil-Sinful Consciousness

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

A small arena wrapped by a outside ring and a elevated ring. The middle is the hill with four elevated paths extendend above water. A fast map, lots of ammo and fun to play. Another good map from Rich!

Evil-Siege & Damnation III

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

Mr. Dierkes strikes again with three winning maps. Of the level Maps (and where does he come up with those clever connotations?) 'Brutal Contumacy' has loads of ammo and various villains. We played solo and boy, that fusion gun really takes it out of you! Never did find the shield recharger nor any transport, just fight or be so dead dead dead, but cool. 'Profane Vigorosity' has all the Evil gang here and for solo play is most satisfactory. Liked it best. Three level layout with baddies everywhere. Supports several players but boy, will you be busy between the Mystics and your opponents! Third Map is 'Heinous Chops & Apple Sauce'. No Mystics but plenty of Pfhor to keep you occupado. Three excellent exercises, highly recommended. Net, wow, that would be a challenge x's three!

Evil-Slaughter Net Five

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

Five net maps from one of Marathons better authors. Los Besos-5D level, Betadine-simple bilevel, B.Pump-a small arena, Chicken Pops-mini arena with two levels, Frenazo-a great level for those that like to sit and snipe. All of these maps can also be played in solo mode for practice. Most of them support all net modes...A very good download for those looking for net maps for small groups.

Way Cursed Hock'n & Pinch'n

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

Two large levels, with lots of tunnels. (did I say tunnels?) If you are the type of net player that likes to fire it out head on, then these levels are for you. Some of the design was done well, but taking into consideration the motives behind these maps, and what they are made for, it geometry fits the bill.

Evil-Foul Binge

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

A netpak consisting of 10 maps. These are the Evil versions but they haven't just been ported over to Evil. He has gone thru and worked on Object Placement. These maps seem to be faster now that they are ported to Evil. Worth the download, 10 very fine net maps that all have good flow and some really nice design.

Seige and Salvation VII

Richard Dierkes — Jan 19, 1999

Seven medium-sized Infinity net levels. These levels are all very good with all modes supported. They are stocked with aliens for those that enjoy solo touring. The size of the levels range from large to medium so 3-6 players will fit very well.

La Virgin v1.3

Richard Dierkes — Sep 27, 1998

Evil Solo Map

By Richard Dierkes a.k.a. Metamucilax

La Virgin
Solo Map, 1 player (9-27-98)

Basic Map and Story Characteristics
La Virgin is an Evil solo map made in the Jjaro texture. This map and story support only 1 player. The mission objective is to restore the ship’s (La Virgin’s) drive to power before the Pfhor and Mystics can muster the energy for a space time fold-out. Characters in the story were based on real people and their pets. The split teleporters (referred to as the telepads in the story) may be something original/different for Evil maps.

In the embedded PM, all weapons have standard physics and the only the fixed guns’ (tiny yeti) were modified. Any other changes were for scenery and sounds (to support the story) .

Terminal Art and the chapter screen were made with PhotoShop and Forge.

Thank You's
I want to thank Bungie and the developers of Marathon, Forge, Anvil, Chisel and Hex!. Thanks to the Lost Level crew for their teachings and to Wendy for her support. Finally, thanks to Evil for the great idea of having a contest and giving us map makers cool stuff to mess with.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Productions Corporation. Created with Bungie’s Forge and/or Anvil by: (Richard Dierkes)

You may distribute this map freely if you include the corresponding Read Me file and make no altercations to the map files or files themselves. Please, in the event that you wish to include this or any of my maps in a collection or CD, etc., please secure my permission first. The Evil Group, of course, has my permission.

Cursed Whirl Womb

Richard Dierkes — Oct 14, 1997

Based on the water texture set...ported over to the evil application. This map used chisel and he did a pretty job with it. Water chutes and fast currents make you plan you routes carefully and well in advance. Built in physics will help the nuke cannon.

Saturday Night Pfhever

Richard Dierkes — Oct 14, 1997

Visually a stunning map. Some very nice lighting and texturing in this level. It can be used for solo pratice, or as a net level. As a net level it is a large arena surrounded by some strange and neat effects. Worth the download....The wanted poster was a pretty neat trick.

More Spankies for Daddy (evil)

Richard Dierkes — Sep 18, 1997

The original map for Infinity now made for Evil...has a good hill for KoTH play, has enough pillars and gagets for protection for EmfH and is made small enough that it will support small groups. Still a good map and a very good download and now for Evil...the lava pits will bring some rewards and are equipped with transporters...

Dr. Richards Ring

Richard Dierkes — Sep 13, 1997

A medium sized net level that will absolutely drive you nuts trying to figure out the 5D space tricks. Built on the jjaro textures, this map would be ideal for 3 to 4 players. All modes are supported and try to remember that you are in space.

Dr. Richards Ring (evil)

Richard Dierkes — Sep 13, 1997

A medium sized net level that will absolutely drive you nuts trying to figure out the 5D space tricks. Built on the jjaro textures, this map would be ideal for 3 to 4 players. All modes are supported and try to remember that you are in space. Now ported for Evil...

Whirl Womb

Richard Dierkes — Aug 15, 1997

A medium sized water arena that is based on the water texture set. This level supports 2 to 8 players with all modes of net play supported. The speed of the media should help you keep alive in this small arena. There is a terminal that is explained via email to the author. Make sure to check all heights in the middle reservoir...

Mister Potato Head

Richard Dierkes — Jul 30, 1997

Another net map from Richard Dierkes! This one is not in this authors vien of netmaps. Elevated platforms are in the open area along with a few baddies. All modes are supported and this map has many secrets. This was the authors very first map, but, it is a pretty good "first map".

Same Name Madness

Richard Dierkes — Jun 06, 1997

A classic in the realms of 5D space. This map is very well done and there is enough space for some good carnage. Visually another good map from this author...he seems to be opening up a bit as far as giving space for the players. Three net modes supported->KtmWtB, KotH and EmfH. A couple of cool tricks...the author has included his three different physics models with the map.

Grunge Depression

Richard Dierkes — Jun 06, 1997

This map is a large, rectangular net level that is a representation of a actual event that happened to the author. When you read the read me it should provide you with the information that explains the map. Kind of gave me a chill to be honest! A multilayered net level that is visually, again, up to this authors standard. Three net modes supported and three physics models included.

Addictive Moments of Epiphany

Richard Dierkes — Jun 06, 1997

Another great map form Richard Dierkes. This one though gives you much, much more room to fight other marines. This was a different style for this author IMO and I personally liked it. Three modes supported and a few visual tricks.

The Blaze of Conquest

Richard Dierkes — Jun 06, 1997

A small net level that is tight at times but visually a nice map. The flow is never interrupted and you will need to keep a eye out for your backside on this one. Up and down aiming will help so make sure that you aren't just gunning for the Marine in front of you. EmfH, KoTh and KtmwTb supported.

Plight of Expostulation v2.0

Richard Dierkes — Jun 02, 1997

A large net level built using the Jjarro texture set. This map has been posted previously at the archive, but, for some reason for the life of me I couldn't find it. So, here it is again. One of Richard's better maps, comes complete with a sewage chute that can be used to your advantage if you go (run) through it just right. Some beautiful visual designs and one of the fastest net maps posted tonight. Supports multiple net modes and enough ammo for 6 or more. I have misplaced the read me that goes with this map, but, make sure you email the author and he would probably send it to you.

Wisdom of Old Frustration v3.0

Richard Dierkes — Jun 02, 1997

nother good map from Richard Dierkes. This is a large net level, but if you looked at it as it is laid out, it is really three levels that run perpendicular to the others. Richard has made some very good maps that have been posted here at the archive, this one seems to have every detail idea he had thrown into one map. At times, I felt very claustrophobic, but, once you get the lay out down...there are some really cool tricks with this one. Be careful while you recharge, this author has NEVER made a safe recharge poly, and this time you will be caught by surprise if another net player has any idea of the functions of the switches. (cool trick-not new, but I personally haven't seen it in a net map). The flow on the lowest level is pretty good, and on the other levels I personally just tried to get a feel for where I was. This will support a few net modes, rather fast for the amount of detail, and some pretty neat choices of textures at times. So take the time to check out the detail with this one and please email the author, he would really like to hear your comments.

Justifiable Hypocrisy

Richard Dierkes — Apr 21, 1997

Another large net map from the mapmaker that puts these things out faster than I can get them up. A center hill area, (sort of), where the hill is the second floor. The third floor allows access to the ring, that kind of goes around the hill. This, IMO, is the fastest net map the author has make yet. Some pretty cool light sets and his construction design is NEVER along the normal arena, wrap around ring concept. Some lower hallways that are perfect for those that like to hang out and wait for other Marines to blow away. All types of net modes supported and will hold up to 8.

Quigleys Olympics v2.0

Richard Dierkes — Apr 17, 1997

This author is continuing to make large net maps that are designed well, good construction and very good attention to detail. At first I really had a hard time describing this one. A castle like hill in the so-called middle of the map, with some outer areas that contain ammo/weapons. KOTH, EMFH and KTMWTB works best, and you can find the ball on top of the castle. You better have 5 or this one is going to be slow...........Good design again. Pump this author some email, I believe he might start making solo levels. He definitely has some great ideas for maps.

Breath of 1,000 Dogs v2.0

Richard Dierkes — Apr 02, 1997

A large net level with some very interesting texture choices. The author used pattern buffers, etc. to texture some short walls and in some other key places. Again, some pretty neat 5D here, but done in good taste. (not too much) A few details gets in the way of flow, but still pretty fast. Check out this one in high res. Net modes supported, EMFH and a few others. A neat trick with invisible walls in the main arena.

Map Mania and Conspiracy v1.1

Richard Dierkes — Mar 29, 1997

Like the author says, "If you like dark, carmped and twisty levels than this map is for you." I personally have trouble with hallways that turn so fast that you end up with not really having a hallway. This thing does have a central area "arena" but it's not too big. Again, a triple shield recharge BUT at the end of a very long hallway. Just right for getting a missile in your back. One of those levels where you meet in a hallway and blast until one drops.

Superlatives and Absolutes

Richard Dierkes — Mar 27, 1997

A quasi arena map so-to-speak with some very good hill detail in the middle. The hill is a square, multi-leveled passageways. The ring that wraps around is fully exposed to the arena. The author gives you a triple shield recharge, but, as we have seen with his other maps, it is in prime position...

More Spankies For Daddy

Richard Dierkes — Mar 19, 1997

A very large net level that has sub arenas around a smaller arena. Leveled walkways around the edge of the map gives access to higher sniper vantage positions. The lava pits on the outside down below will reward with some goodies..Flow is still pretty good in spite of some detailed constructions.

El Winky Quemado de David

Richard Dierkes — Mar 19, 1997

A very large net level with the lava texture set. A large middle arena with a good lava chute that is full of ammo/weapons. Smaller rooms that are attached have some ammo cache rooms. One large ring that wraps around the arena with windows and some delicate aiming perches. Very good detail in this map. In spite of the authors attention to the detail, it still runs quite fast. Some 5D tunneling that is great for those that like to sit and wait to pick their friends off. Enough ammo and weapons to last until the floor is covered with carnage. This one will take a large group, but well worth the download.