Files for Richard Kettering

Evil-Empty Faces 0.65

Richard Kettering — Jun 20, 2000

A very large, multilevel netmap. It's actually quite playable solo, due to the huge numbers of Devlins and drones... if baddies are turned on for a netgame, hill games become insane. (The hill sits in the center of a devlin spawning ground.) Some distance problems, which the author acknowledges... he suggests using this under Aleph One, but that would kill most of the interesting stuff (like devlins, and mini-devlins, and all those great Evil weapons). You could lose 8 in here, easy. Size of the archive is due to a huge Readme... it was almost 4 times bigger, but I pulled out 9 screenshots. (If anyone really wants them, I can send them.)

Warm and TOZT

Richard Kettering — Jun 20, 2000

A large, square arena with a bridgelike structure in the center (over a lava pool). Most action takes place on the ledge around the outside, or down on the floor. Elevators are nice and fast... mix of open and closed spaces. Archive size is due to a number of screenshots. Map is unmerged, on purpose.