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Robo Cops / ED-209

Richard Mikat — Jul 31, 1997

A update and a add on to a previously posted file. This is the RoboCop's file that now includes the men from the agency. Again, Richard has done a very good job. The death scenes for the ED-209's are quite good. The "men in suits" are doing very well. They fight the robots with their briefcases and Richard has added some lighting effects that are very good. Comes with the map, a physic's file, shapes patch and a sound patch. (very good btw) This one is worth your time.


Richard Mikat — Jun 06, 1997

You must try this patch!!!!!! A very, very good effort was put into this patch and I highly recommend it. These robots are the ED-209 Robots out of the Robo Cop movie. The patch replaces the troopers and they are deadly. There is a physics file that comes in the folder but the shapes are outstanding. The sounds file is a must. You can't get the full effect of these guys without it. Their armor makes them pretty stout, so watch out. The voices they come with are pretty cool!!!!! Great job!!!!