Files for Richard Stogran


Richard Stogran — Jun 28, 1996

Inspired by Acid Jazz (and using the same general texture scheme), this is a great-flowing small KOH map. Weapons can be found in the room under the hill... Very polished map.

Alpha 43

Richard Stogran — May 06, 1996

Geometrical, with multiple routes of entry and exit from each area. Use the sewers... they're faster than the ledge routes. Overall, a highly polished map. Comes with a bunch of Marathon icons.

Pure Carnage II (Revisited)

Richard Stogran — May 02, 1996

Complete overhaul. This map is now MUCH faster on non-powermacs, and the outside water trap is now more like a skating rink. Concentrate on your human opponents...

Predator & Prey v1.1

Richard Stogran — Mar 29, 1996

Seriously dark atmosphere. Very well-done map. Quite large, with lots of secrets, and cool stuff. Nicely hidden recharger (always useable, but you can certainly fool your teammates the first time around...). Update makes recharger much harder to use, and fixes a bad texture.

Malum Locum

Richard Stogran — Mar 11, 1996

A very large level. Doors don't look like doors...

Torture Chamber

Richard Stogran — Mar 01, 1996

Big, open spaces, and a small maze. Two crushers, mostly just for fun. (Don't watch 'em too long, your friends will waste you.)