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Robs Net Maps

Rob Griffith — Mar 27, 1997

You get two large net maps with this package and both of them are constructed very well. The Red Room 1.4 is large so make sure you have a big group. It has a hallway that is a series of crushers, (it is a deadend btw), that are controlled by players at either ends with switches. It can be played KOH with a lock that will lock you in or EMFH. Use the ambients to your advantage on this one. Behind the Sun is the second map in this pak. A large arena with very fast waterways that allow some pretty fast access to some good areas. This is the first level that I have seen that can be completely changed. Switches will change the floor of the arena and turn alot of the polys into very, very deep holes. We played this one, (check the film), and my group really liked it, especially Josh. I had a very weird sync problem that I have heard about but never experienced. (My movement controls went 90 degrees off) I heard about this but have never seen it happen. So I finally just gave up and had a Dr Pepper and the other 4 played and really gave a good rating with this one. Check out the added physics model...


Rob Griffith — Jun 14, 1996

A modification of FrigidMan's Axiocranium (authorized). New secrets, many more baddies, and some really, really death-dealing physics. (Do NOT, under any circumstances, be holding the fusion pistol when it overloads.)