Files for Sam Baxter

Alien Staff Patch Update 1.0 -> 1.2

Sam Baxter — Jan 13, 2000

Updates the Alien Staff Patch to v1.2. (Requires Alien Staff Patch.) Adds better sound for the hit, reworks the frames a bit, and adds a physics model. (Not clear what the physics model does.) There's still no second trigger. (the one in Evil is still by far the best version of an Alien Staff for the marine)

Bullets Patch

Sam Baxter — Jan 02, 2000

Adds a spent shell casing to the firing sequence with the M1 pistol. The M2 and Infinity pistols have this... why not M1? No sound patch, so you can't hear it hitting the ground. However if you get the Enhancement Pack by Frigidman, you can hear the bullets hitting the ground, however not SEE the casings! It's a toss-up!

Alien Staff Patch

Sam Baxter — Dec 13, 1999

Converts the fists in Marathon 1 to a Pfhor staff. No second trigger... and no physics changes. Other than that, though... looks like a pfhor staff.

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