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Shadowstalker v1.4

sart1739 — Jan 19, 1999

If you've ever played Mike Neylons WWW maps, you'll recognise the basic concept behind this net level. It consists of a 5x5 grid of narrow passageways with slightly larger polys at the nodes. However, this takes the concept further by stacking 3 identical levels, linked by 4 elevators, make tracking someone very confusing. You really need at least 4 players for this, otherwise you could run about for hours without meeting anyone. Supports all game modes, but EMfH would be the most practical. Version 1.3 changes some alien physics, sets the level as magnetic (making that motion sensor even less reliable), and gives the terminal an exit status so the level can be played solo. This update fixes a possible bug in solo games.

Beware the ShadowStalker 1.4

sart1739 — Mar 26, 1997

A very confusing level if you are used to using your map mode. Three identical levels stacked on top of each other reached by elevators. Pretty much common texturing used here, based on the World Wide Web map. You would need a lot of players to keep this map interesting, my group tried to play this but even with 5 we were pretty lonely. The turbo chips were pretty cool, but with all the trip powerups, it took a bit to kill the other Marines. We also found ourselves with a lack of weapons. So, conserve and the flamethrower is the weapon to get first...