Files for Sean McKnew

The Great Cornholio

Sean McKnew — Jan 16, 1997

A one level large net map that incorporates a new trick that I haven't seen before. This one will support KOH, but you need to download it to check out the space trick. The author asks that if you use this space texture, then you need to email him. Lighting is pretty good and it should prove for some high carnage. Will support large groups.

FM Infinity Net Hop Map Pak

Sean McKnew — Jan 16, 1997

Three net levels and for the most part constructed very well. The first one, Snapple: Made from Bob Guts, (lots of names today-huh!) Is a very big and tall square arena. A couple of secrets and a cool sewage chute that can aide to some height tricks. The readme says that the name is "12 Days of Beavis"?? The second one Lithium Mill, is lava based with a hill in the middle. There is a enclosed ring that wraps around the arena?, in the middle. Good for KOH. The last, Lets Take a Bath in Sewage, has some cool physics with it or I had one loaded w/out my knowledge. When I first try to fired underwater, well check it out yourself. This one is probably the best made, flow, lights, etc. All of these would work well with groups of 4 or more..With only 2 it might get slow..check the authors web page for info!