Files for Shaun Shakib

Pit of Despair v2.0

Shaun Shakib — Nov 07, 1996

A pretty cool arena level. A port (with major changes) of the M2 map. This might be best played in teams... there's a large central arena, with a pit in the center. Lots of big weapons there, but switches on the outside rim lowers the pit and dumps the trapped player in small crusher cells. Escape is possible, but the door is slow... which is why tag teams would be nice. It's not clear whether the action will center in the central arena, or in the surrounding hallways... but this map is easily big enough to support 8. No relation to the M2 map Pits of Despair.

Stick Around

Shaun Shakib — Jan 29, 1996

An update to Pit of Despair. 2 maps. Pit of Despair has been improved to actually live up to its name. The second map, Stranded, is a variation on the same map, but with an entirely different feel... a central tower (perfect for King of the Hill) can be isolated via switches from the outer ring. Looks like this one would be great for teams.