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SSB Netmaps

siete7 — Feb 12, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-SSB Evil Maps

siete7 — Jan 20, 1999

Four choices here via select. Aliens included for solo play, really aggressive Bobs. 2X canisters, heavy ammo. Terms within game are in Spanish. 1). Kharstle: Lava medium area controlled with switches by player, oval with perimeter upper ring for sniping. Seems best suited for maybe three/four. 2). Gam O-Nal: Very wide-open square arena play with terms giving expansive info (Spanish), circle in center for supplies, fast fast fast. 3.) SC old base: Lost in Space attitude, crisscross walkways over square playing field, switches to activate elevators, perimeter & center areas for supplies with a lower sewage swim surrounding all, very hard to get out of. This is a challenging map. Seems best suited for EMFH, multiple players. 4). Disc-Oh! Complex map with TP's for off-site locales, includes lava/water mediums. Starts as a square but evolves. Re-con recommended. Multiple players due to layout. This is a nifty package of maps that will keep your adrenaline going good, can you spell F A S T & F U R I O U S?