Files for Stephen Johnson

Cover Hill

Stephen Johnson — Jun 13, 1997

A king of the Hill map with a hill that supports the Marine on the hill. Many times in KotH maps, the marine on the hill has to defend his place, with this map, you have tricks and other ways to help you to stay on the hill. Set with the Pfhor texture this map is visually nice, along with some pretty good flow for trying to be the first Marine on the hill. A good idea along with some great barriers...

Juggernaut Fortress

Stephen Johnson — Jun 13, 1997

A unique and quite spectacular map, if you like oddities. This map has some unique tricks that are not just "run of the mill" Marathon tricks. I won't spoil it by posting all of them. But you have one of three choices with platform switches. Hit the right one and come out on top. Hit one of the other two, you will get lights and/or a juggernaut. Great ideas on a different type of map. Take a look...

Hide and Spank

Stephen Johnson — Jun 13, 1997

A great level to use if one needs to learn about light sets and their states. This level is a small network map that gives the player the chance, "to follow bread crumbs" to get to the other marines. The "bread crumbs", are light sets that come on and go off as you enter and leave the areas of the map. Very good idea, and well needed. I know personally that I have been experimenting with light sets, and this map was a good guide. Supports Emfh and KtMwTB.