Files for Stephen Ritchie

Land of the Small 1.1

Stephen Ritchie — Feb 19, 1996

A major update on a very early M2 map. The readme is actually included in a comm term... The biggest problem with this map is the lack of trigger polys. (I was able to run all the way through it at Normal without ever shooting anything-only about half the baddies even woke up when I came near.) Fire a shot, though... and you'll find out how hard mini-fire F'lickta can be!

Black Market Carnage

Stephen Ritchie — Feb 16, 1996

This one sets the standard for what a good solo level should be. From the opening effects to the final battle with troopers and droids, this map keeps the adrenaline flowing. If you're like me, there will be several battles you'll need to repeat, with different tactics, in order to finish. This one's not boring, not repetitive, not derivative. Play it, you'll like it.

House of Pfhun

Stephen Ritchie — Jan 15, 1996

A small arena, and a large ammo room... most of the ammo is suspended (get good at elevators, or die), and watch the lava traps! A few neat tricks...

Marathon 2 Bridgemap v1.1

Stephen Ritchie — Jan 03, 1996

A very nice conversion of the M1 map. The outdoor vista can really throw you off... Update adds lots of baddies and special effects.

Night On The Town v1.1delta

Stephen Ritchie — Sep 13, 1995

A city scene. Pretty well done. Nice recharger placement.