Files for Steve Bush

Let's Put the Pfhun in Fun

Steve Bush — Jun 30, 1996

Reminded me a lot of Spiral Insanity. An outside ring borders a mazelike multilevel building, with lots of ways to get around. A little jarring at first, but after playing it for a while, it starts to look quite nice. Best views seem to be while lying on your back in the outer ring, looking up...


Steve Bush — Jun 30, 1996

A great KOH map-incredible flow (there are lots and lots and lots of ways onto the hill, and most of them have vulnerabilities). Mostly a dark room, with a well-lit hill and four well-lit sniper towers. Looks nice, too...

Anderson's Tool Shed

Steve Bush — Jun 30, 1996

A three-level arena-type map, with a hill on top, an outer ring below it, and access to the hill on the bottom. Very hard to keep an eye on all areas...