Files for Steve Murphy

Last of the Humans Part III

Steve Murphy — Feb 03, 1999

Well, how'd he do dat? This Scenario will eat up the better part of an afternoon and then some. It goes on and on and one just can't give up! The author certainly has a way with map making. As this is only one level it's hard to believe, it is such a gigantic area, could have been broken down to several levels. But you will return here, return there, and keep going. A real challenge from Mr. Murphy. Good Job! Very playable, but oh those damn little drones, couldn't you just kill them??!!

City and Neo

Steve Murphy — Feb 03, 1999

Neo: Good Map, good game play, progresses, nice placement of ammo & you'll need it. One could wish for another Pattern Buffer (or two!). The lighting here is done quite well. Would like to see what this Map Maker could do with a more complex story, although the story is quite up to par as is. The Read Me states this Map's unfinished, dunno know. Try it, it's worth the money.
City: This is really good stuff, keeps you going, adrenaline factor excellent. Mr. Murphy has got a way with Map Making. Opens on old Infinity screen ìRageî (appropriately as you will see if you attempt to play), but it's "Khare: City of KL'Fit". They don't like Marines much. Lots of Juggers, all varieties of Aliens, tuff on the air supply, very. A number of areas where you can get stuck & discouraged. Pattern Buffer way way into the game. As in Neo. I like this artists designs, although textures and all are pretty standard he does great layouts. This will keep you busy for awhile, and keep you moving, we highly recommend this dual map set.