Files for Steve Weintraub

Bucho Needs Women

Steve Weintraub — Jun 30, 1996

A pretty straightforward port of Mars Needs Women. Nice job, overall... The only additions are small, to take advantage of some of the improvements of the M2 engine. The intention was to create an M2 version that stayed truer to the original than most of the existing ports, both in feel and in playability. In that, it is a success.

M2 Pfhorno Lives!

Steve Weintraub — Mar 25, 1996

A port of a small M1 map. Tries to give a little of everything to the player-open areas, sniper ledges, narrow passageways... generally good flow.

Pfhornication v4.0

Steve Weintraub — Mar 18, 1996

A very nice port of a good M1 level. Water is used quite well here. If you've played Pfhorno before, you'll like this version. If you've never seen it, you're in for a treat.

Pfhorno Lives!

Steve Weintraub — Sep 15, 1995

Nice flow through a few rooms. The tozter is a bit hard to get while you're being chased... Comes with a film showing secrets.

Pfhornication v2.0

Steve Weintraub — Jul 28, 1995

A very nice net level for mid-sized games. Comes with a couple of movies, to give you a feel for it...

Main Street USA

Steve Weintraub — May 09, 1995

Very simple, lots of carnage. No place to hide. (Outdoors)

Enterprise Map

Steve Weintraub — May 09, 1995

Designed to look like the USS Enterprise (first generation). You'll have to imagine the textures, but it's a good start on the layout.