Files for Steven Sauvey


Steven Sauvey — Sep 09, 1996

A precursor to Good Day 2 Die, this is a pretty fun large map. This one favors the player who can change vertical targets easily... and it helps to know where the access to the secret areas comes from. Plays best with bigger groups, but 3 should have fun, as well.

Kill or be Killed

Steven Sauvey — Aug 20, 1996

A large map, broken into a few rooms. Lots of ledge shooting... and doors that look like walls. Should boil down to an arena map, with a few areas to take breathers in.

Good Day 2 Die

Steven Sauvey — Aug 20, 1996

The main room is a bunch of walkways between raised areas. There are overlooks that give you a birds-eye view of the arena (this was the author's original impetus), and lots of back passageways for hiding in/getting to sniper positions. More ammo than you'll ever need.

fifty one fifty

Steven Sauvey — Aug 14, 1996

Narrow walkways rise above and split the floor. Teleporters bridge the gaps... weapons aplenty, and more than enough 2x powerups. A few out-of-the-way rooms give you a bit of breathing space. Nicely balanced-the high ground is hard to keep, because a spanker shot blows you off the ledge you're standing on.