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Bill Cameron — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Bill Cameron — Apr 30, 1996

Modeled after a formal dining location. Readme gives credit to the creator of Villa Banzai, which is good, since it looks like that was the jumping-off point for this level. With 2 players, it was a bit slow, but more makes a very nice net level. Update fixes a few bugs.

Umbrellas Recommended...

Bill Cameron — Mar 25, 1996

A convoluted map, with teleporters everywhere, lots o' baddies (or just some, depending on which version of the map you play), and the Gallerie de Despayre, where nasties fall on you unremittingly from out of the sky. Rain of Pfhorror, with the excess baddies, is great for solo practice, and Drizzle of Pfhorror holds an acceptable number for net play. Been sitting in my inbox for way too long now...