Files for Tim

Townsend Square

Tim — Mar 02, 1997

Exactly what it sounds like. A medium sized square arena with a enclosed ring around three sides. The ring gives access to the arena via windows. Pretty fast carnage but some deadends that will disrupt flow.

Sins of the Flechette

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

A very tall large square arena that is set in a outdoor enviornment. Texture choices are at a minimum and it really gets hard to maneuver at times. A lava pit in the middle of the map has a neat trick to it that I haven't seen before, maybe some have... Worth the download here just to figure the trick out.

Eight Daze A Week

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

A square, rectangular type of map with some very large passageways that hook into it.

This is Spiral Tap

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

A vacuum level. A large square arena with four large rooms on the corner. The arena though is not open. It is culmination of many hallways that evidently lead down to the middle of the map. Some texture problems when you get down there. A super fast physics model is built in that allows you to go turbo speed along with the fish-eye vision. Got me so swimmy headed I had to wait until it timed out. A minimum of 6 to 8 is needed for this one or you will walk around by yourself for a long time...

Confounded Bridge

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

Exactly like it says, a map in the design of a bridge of a space ship. Too small areas off to the sides of a middle large rectangular arena. Lots of carnage with this one and ammo is supplied well.

Three Polygons No Waiting

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

Exactly like the title states...Get ready for some fast carnage.

All Roads Lead to Hell

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

A large net level that had a few texture problems. Alot of passageways that reminded me of the tunnels in M-2 Arrival. Again the maze is confusing but some good ideas here...