Files for Tim McLaughlin

Nothing In There But Death

Tim McLaughlin — Feb 10, 1999

A large net level designed for EMfH and KotH, consisting of two large 'arenas' and surrounding corridors on various levels. The smaller arena is lava filled with a slightly raised hill in the center, and the other contains more ammo and a shields recharger. Flow is very good with discreet teleporters to quickly transport you between the various corridors. Plenty of sniper points, and a few very handy, but well hidden secrets. Inspired by a dream the author had one night.

Not Everyone's Mortal

Tim McLaughlin — Mar 09, 1997

A port of the Marathon 2, "Everyones Mortal But Me". This port adds a ring around the arena from the standard transport perches with some ammo and a couple of secrets. I really thought the sounds was the biggest improvement. The secret rooms has enough sounds attached to the polys that they are really too much at times, but I enjoyed them!! Some new light sets with this port also...