Files for Tony Smith

Sic Friat Crustulum

Tony Smith — Dec 08, 1996

Tony Smith has done it again. "Sic Friat Crustulum" is the fourth installment of the continuing "Origin of Species" series. Unbelievably creative use of textures, with very believable lighting effects. I've always loved the way he rations ammo, and places it where you 'll need it most. If you see fusion cells, your bound to see a cyborg. No traps, unless you decide to take a dip in the lava. Beautiful terms make the continuing story starts to gel. Hats Off!

Reservoir BoBs

Tony Smith — Aug 15, 1996

The third installment in the Origin of Species series. Definitely up to the standard set by the first two chapters... with very nice term art, and some hellishly good level design, this one should satisfy the Tony Smith cravings induced by previous releases, at least for a little while...

Lava Me Tender

Tony Smith — Jun 11, 1996

Installment 2 in the Origin of Species series (The Goo, the Bad and the Ugly was installment 1). I'll keep this short-get this map. It's really, really hard, but really, really good. Amazing art, and amazing level design. Wow.

"The Goo, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Tony Smith — May 13, 1996

A very nicely done solo level... the first of a series that will make up the first installment Marathon map ever released. Quite difficult, as are most of Tony's maps... but very satisfying. If you can't figure out what you need to do next, go back and check recently visited areas, looking for changes. Great term art (the best use of Bungie art to date, imo). As usual, dive into the melee; wield superior firepower; endure. (Just don't cheat-this one's too much fun...)

Magnum Farce

Tony Smith — Mar 29, 1996

This guy keeps putting out great solo maps. He still doesn't use terminals, but maybe someday... (send him mail). A lava-based level, with plenty of Fire F'licktas to keep things from getting too slow. Really well laid-out-in fact, my only complaint is the reliance on fake walls. (In a couple of places, there are openings that look like the surrounding wall. One I only found by accident... I was backing away from a droid and found myself in a new room.) As always, he's got timing down-when it's time to take a lava bath, you've got enough time to get in and out, but if you miss the ledge the first time around...

"Pure of Heart, Brown of Trousers"

Tony Smith — Mar 11, 1996

Another totally engrossing map from Tony Smith (Dad, Get Me Out of This and Rescue Bob!). Still no terms, but now he knows about Hex. There's one platform that'll take a bit of work to get on...

Rescue Bob!

Tony Smith — Feb 24, 1996

An amazingly engaging map-I found myself saying "Okay, just one more try" at least 15 times. Quite difficult, but satisfying to finish. Would benefit a lot from terms

"Dad, Get Me Out Of This!"

Tony Smith — Feb 14, 1996

A really nicely designed level. No fancy lighting effects, but you'll be too busy staying alive to really notice... Documentation says Ignore Zero Divides is necessary for 68K users, but the map worked fine on my Q800. Crashed for the developer on an fpu-less 040, though...