Files for Torsten 'Totte' Alm

Pfhort Boyard v1.1

Torsten 'Totte' Alm — Sep 22, 1996

A very classy little arena. Extremely nice lighting effects... some of which won't dawn on you until your opponent uses them to kill you. Great flow, and very nice elevation diversity. Update adds a couple of new sniper spots, and improves flow. (Also fixes a few textures and lights...)

Temple of Moo

Torsten 'Totte' Alm — Jun 15, 1996

A circular main arena, with a passageway circling it at ground level, and another on the second floor. Sniper ledges with lots of cover are also on the second floor. There are two additional versions of the map included, for smaller groups-one removes the ground floor outer passage, and one removes the second floor outer passage.

Hill Billies

Torsten 'Totte' Alm — Jun 06, 1996

Sort of a cross between the third-party Circular Death and Bungie's Everyone's Mortal but Me. Faster paced than both...