Files for Torsten 'Totte' Alm

Stomp U 2 v1.1

Torsten 'Totte' Alm — Oct 08, 1996

A KOH map with a very well-designed hill. You can keep your back to the wall, and you can kill anyone going for big guns (the level is named for the SPNKR room), but there are a couple of nasty attack points that are really hard to guard against... Overall good level design. Update fixes bug in southern hallway, cranks up shield generators.

Pfhors and Broadway v1.1

Torsten 'Totte' Alm — Sep 22, 1996

A large, flower-shaped map with a ledge around the outside, a large open floor, and a central hill/SPNKER pit. Plenty of weapons and ammo, but the ring around the hill is the only way back up to the ledge. (Well, that, or dying...)