Files for Torsten "Totte" Alm

Many Ways 2 Die V1.0

Torsten "Totte" Alm — Feb 10, 1999

A large open map with lots of nooks and crannies. The Hill is on an island, surrounded by an annoyingly-depthed lake (it'll slow you down getting onto the hill or out of the area). Lots of places to attack from... and watch for teleporters.

Brighter than Light

Torsten "Totte" Alm — Feb 10, 1999

A large, wide-open square space with a hill at the center of one side. Access is either along vulnerable ledges, or via a platform right in front of the hill, activated by a switch behind the hill. Plenty of ammo and weapons.

Friend to the Wall v1.0

Torsten "Totte" Alm — Feb 10, 1999

Feels like it was inspired by Carnage Palace DeeLuxe. (Except the lighting is a bit less interesting, and the weapons are really hig-volume.) Nice flow, should be high carnage rates. Author says, "watch your back!" It's good advice...

8 Ways 2 Die v1.1

Torsten "Totte" Alm — Sep 22, 1996

A large mazelike map, with a mushroom in the center (acting as the hill). Lots and lots of dead ends... but many of them aren't quite as dead as they look. All teleporters take you back to the center. In team play, we found it was pretty easy to rack up kills by chasing someone into a dead end... either they die there, or they die when they arrive at the mushroom, with a rocket waiting for them... Update fixes doors, and decreases desynchronization.