Files for Travis Vils

Descent into Death

Travis Vils — Apr 12, 1999

A huge arena surrounded by rising hallways. With big groups, this might be fun, but smaller groups would have a hard time getting close enough to kill. There's a switch in the central pillar which I don't understand at all... all it seems to do is make the upper hallways vulnerable from below. Since only those in the upper hallways can flip the switch, it seems, well... pointless. (I suppose it also makes the area around the hill targetable from above... but there is much more freedom of movement down below, so it's more dangerous to those in the passageways.)

Head Pfhor The Sewers! v2.0

Travis Vils — Oct 29, 1996

This was one of the first third-party M2 maps available, and its classic styling earned it a place in the Map Hall of Fame. This Infinity release updates the textures, and adds a bit of sniper space... it's still a fantastic, simple arena map that doesn't get boring.