Files for Bo Lindbergh

Fuxource v1.01

Bo Lindbergh — Sep 12, 2000

A tool for migrating changes made with Fux! back to the source code. Now your customized M2 or Infinity conversion can benefit easily from the advances in the Open Source builds! v1.0.1 fixes a small typo (that messed up the physics tables), adds the SMG shell casing, and moved all name lists to STR# resources.

Hex 1.0.4

Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1999

While Forge has a great visual mode, (one of it's strongest attributes) it still lacks a lot for creating and editing terminals. This version works with Infinity and fixes a few bugs with the earlier version... This update includes a requested manual. It also allows you to veiw picts from within Hex!! Latest update adds support for the recently discovered tag activation option in terms.

Marathon Map Splitter 1.0.7

Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1999

Bo says it better than I would... from the readme:

"Marathon Map Splitter takes a merged Marathon scenario file as produced by Forge and splits it into individual map, physics, and terminal text files for each level. It also extracts any resources into a "Terminal Picts" file. It is the exact opposite of the "Merge Levels" command in Forge.

This lets you do things like peeking at other people's physics models (ever wondered how to make a potatoanus?), fixing the bugs in Blood Tides of Lh'owon, and converting old Pfhorte-generated scenarios."

Another must-have for scenario builders! 1.0.1 added the conversion of platform info (yes! you can now go back and forth between Forge and Pfhorte!) and a few other things. 1.0.2 fixes a bug which prevented the editing of some Pfhorte maps, and adds an "N" before network level names. 1.0.3 works around physics file weirdness. 1.0.5 added picture conversion from Win95 maps, and 1.0.6 fixes a bug in previous versions that eliminated notes. 1.0.7 adds support for tag sections.

Durandal Terminal Browser 1.4.3

Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1999

A small app that allows you to browse all the terminals of Marathon 2 and Infinity-text, pictures, everything. Find the terms you missed the first time through. Read the messages you would have seen if you had gone back later... see Bungie's secret M2 term without swimming in lava. Latest update adds support for tag sections.

Marathon Music Exploder

Bo Lindbergh — Apr 23, 1999

A tiny program that's been around forever... just lost from this server. It will take a Marathon 1 Music file and split it into individual tracks, saved as quicktime movies.

Fux! 1.0.2

Bo Lindbergh — Jan 16, 1999

Are you making a scenario, and frustrated by the limitations of the Marathon Engine? Wish you could, say, enable your new weapon (which you've replaced the AR-75 with) on vacuum levels? Want to change the color shift under media? Fux! is your tool! It allows you around some of the hard-coded stuff in the Infinity application itself. (Also works with M2.) Warning-you can really screw up and crash beautifully with this program... be careful! In Bo's words, "If you don't get everything exactly right, you're fuxed."

Scalpel 1.0.2

Bo Lindbergh — Jan 16, 1999

Even better than IZD-this actually excises zero length lines from your map! Fix your maps forever, and obviate the need to run extra software when playing Marathon on a 68K machine.

Marathon Quicktime Recorder

Bo Lindbergh — Jul 10, 1997

This utility will allow you to save Marathon 2/Infinity films in Quicktime format. Requirements are a powermac and QT 2.0. Be warned that this will generate some very large files so it is recommended that you use a film editor to cut and paste so that you end up with the best parts

Infinity Saved Game Editor

Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1997

Exactly what the title suggests. A editor utility to use with Infinity that allows you to take a saved game and change the parameters. More ammo, more health, etc.

Sixteen Cowards

Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1997

A experimental map made with no doors, no arenas and no corridors. Should be a very fun map for a large group. Give this thing a look. It obviously could support tag and could be very fun! An ingenious idea!!

4711th Circular Arena

Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1997

A beautiful example of what is possible with Chisel. A very large circular arena enclosed by a ring. The ring has a upper level where all the weapons are located. The bottom arena and outside ring has the ammo. A very good large net map. Visually one of the best I have seen.


Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1997

A map that shows possibly the funniest bug ever found in Marathon. I found this map at Bo Lindbergs site and asked permission to post it. This map is nothing more that a visual display of what the bug is in Marathon. I personally have never seen it before. Pretty interesting and very observant to even find it!