Files for Winston Hendrickson

Pfhor Water Works v1.2

Winston Hendrickson — Feb 07, 1999

A small level, inspired by Mars Needs Women. Serious attention to lighting, sounds, and architecture... Level centerpiece is a slick little bridge (seems to be based in design on the M1 Marathon Bridge Map, but that could just be coincidence). This one's fun. 1.1 Update tweaks a bad texture, adds an eighth starting point. 1.2 update adds more ammo/weapons, tweaks gameplay parameters for improved flow.

MI Carnage Palace Deee-Luxe

Winston Hendrickson — Mar 10, 1997

A very good port of the Bungie level Carnage Palace Deee-Luxe. The texture set gives it just the right touch. Fast carnage or hide out to blast away.

Mars Needs Women v1.1

Winston Hendrickson — Jan 12, 1996

Stays pretty close in feel to the original. One major difference, though... getting that spanker is a bit more painful than it used to be. (Seems like there are more purple compilers than in the original, too... those circling green bolts in the carnage pit are a pretty eerie sight!) Update has some tweaks (better lighting, some sounds, movement to the lava).