Files for Zach Norwood

Acid Jazz v12 v12.0

Zach Norwood — Mar 11, 1996

A gorgeous, sprawling level that had 10 releases in 36 hours (mostly little tweaks). This one needs lots of people... but worth a look even if your net group is small. More little tweaks...

Semantic Spaces v1.2

Zach Norwood — Mar 01, 1996

Sort of like Everyone's Mortal But Me, with a twist. Designed for King of the Hill, and would probably be pretty boring in any other mode (only one guy can get kills...). Check it out! A few more tweaks here...

King Carnage

Zach Norwood — Jan 22, 1996

A small arena, with the weapons mostly in the (hard to reach once you've left) outer ring. The fire Flick'ta are really annoying...

Current Castle

Zach Norwood — Jan 18, 1996

A totally underwater hill... and a physics model that lets you fire weapons there. Getting to the hill is non-trivial. (Something to do with the name of the map...)

Wet 'N Wild

Zach Norwood — Jan 16, 1996

ThunderDome with an attitude (and a nice launching start...)

4th Dimension

Zach Norwood — Oct 16, 1995

Another play on the Portals idea... Double waldo worlds. Where'd he go?

Ender vs. Meta

Zach Norwood — Oct 16, 1995

A large arena, continuing on the theme of 5D portals. The wall textures might hurt your eyes...

Meta's Dual

Zach Norwood — Oct 09, 1995

A pretty straightforward arena. Like all Meta maps, this is designed for use with Fusion's Marathon 2 Textures . Comes with a sound patch for the teleporter sound (pretty nice change).

Meta Warrior v1.1b

Zach Norwood — Oct 09, 1995

A twisty, windy level, with a few nasty surprises (careful of that static region!). Like all the Meta levels, this is designed to work with Fusion's Marathon 2 Textures

Meta's Final Test

Zach Norwood — Sep 25, 1995

A map with a few cool features, and a shapes patch that adds Marathon2 textures... really pretty! (Think about the shapes patch with other maps...)

Meta Warrior v1.1b

Zach Norwood — Aug 21, 1995

Modified Waldo World


Zach Norwood — May 26, 1995

One big (very big) pit, with some sniper positions, and a couple of pathways through some lava. Watch the juggernaut. Comes with a (required) physics model.

Modern Waldo V2.0

Zach Norwood — Apr 14, 1995

For those of you who love Waldo World...

Pfhunky Chicken

Zach Norwood — Mar 20, 1995

Nasty textures. Great if you like wide open spaces.