Files for Borzz

AGM 1.1

Borzz — Feb 06, 1999

A cute tip 'o the hat to the newsgroup. The message will become clear by the time you finish... just check your map view. There ain't no savin', so fight good. (The beginning's the trickiest part, I think...)

No Parole from Rock 'N Roll

Borzz — Jan 27, 1999

10 maps, some conversions from M2 maps, one extension of a TI level, and a few new maps. All in all, a superb package. Everything from death in small places for 2 to huge, sprawling levels capable of supporting 8. Kree Nakorie, a level I hated when it was first released for M2 (it was so hard to figure out what was going on, and the aliens never gave you a chance to look around) is now a superb strategy level. Wow. Everything tastes better on a Nardo bun. Update fixes a couple of small errors on one level.

More Textures... How To

Borzz — Jan 19, 1999

A DocMaker file detailing how to add extra textures to a textureset. Quite useful for mapmakers wanting more than the 30-someodd textures Bungie uses... in very simple language.

Nardo Mapmaking and Tools Guide

Borzz — Jan 02, 1998

This guide tells you everything you need to know to design and construct a Nardo level. The sounds are outlined, the textures are all described, and all the scenery and objects are listed. A very good guide laid out in DocMaker format. (Also includes a Forge updater, so your scenery objects are easier to set.)


Borzz — Dec 30, 1997

A great new net map by the leader of the Nardo Team. This map, created and inspired by the great monument, Stonehenge, fits very well with the Tempus game. The textures fit very well and once you play it, I think you will agree. I really did enjoy the Tempus game, and this map is a "fresh" look for Marathon.

Be Happy or Not 1.7

Borzz — Jun 12, 1997

Download this map!! Four levels make up this adventure and probably the best part about it, it is designed for co-op play. You can also play it solo. I can't say enough good things about this map. I first played this when it was only for Marathon 2 back last November. The third level really intrigued me, at least to the point of going into Forge to figure out how he did the tricks. There are multiple paths to the end, some easier than others. Save terminals for the solo players. No Dead Ends! and with this Infinity update it basically improves overall game play. A very good map, definitely worth your time and the download. This like his other post tonight are updates, I wonder when he is coming out with some new maps?

Borzz Pak

Borzz — Jun 02, 1997

This really isn't the name for this map but, I decided to call it this since you do get so much with this download. You get 1) High School Tool-a large net map with probably some of the best texture sets to be produced. Borzz was one of the first to experiment when Anvil came out and now he has updated the map. 2) Tooled By Aliens 1.1-->The same map but solo or carnage style. I tried very hard to stay alive at the Major Damage setting. Give this one a try for some cool carnage kills. 3) Borzz Outdoor Textures---> The texture patch that will change the Jjarro set to the outdoor settings. Very well done!! You must use Anvil 1.0.2, if you haven't figured out by now, 1.0.3 has some problems with the shapes but works well with the sounds. So don't even try it with 1.0.3!! 4) You get the list of what the changes are with the textures patch. This is helpful for all of you out there that are getting ready to make scenarios. Lists such as this is always a must. 5) Of course the read me! Great pak-get it, download it, net carnage with it and just get some great ideas. The net mode supports KotH, KtmwtB and EmfH.

Borzz Shapes 1.1

Borzz — Jan 19, 1997

This is a shapes patch that will give you some new textures to work with. You will still have the Infinity textures plus some great outdoor ones to work with. The read me's that comes with the shapes patch explains what all of the new textures along with a detailed procedure on how to patch your Infinity shapes file. THANK YOU, BORZZ. If for no other reason than just to learn how this process is supposed to work, this file is worth the download. BUT, It is really worth the download just to make some outdoor type maps. Try this one, you won't be disappointed. There are some strict guidelines from the author concerning these textures so make sure you read BOTH of the read me's.

Stinkfist 1.0

Borzz — Jan 19, 1997

As you can tell from the screenshot, this is yet another good net map from still the only author really using Anvil to some of it's capabilities. A medium sized net map that fits EMFH and KTMWTB. With this map you also get a shapes patch that gives you some great outdoor type textures along with the Infinity textures. You get grass, dirt, bricks, blocks, school type lockers and the list goes on....... I only found two secrets with this one, flow is great, a great RR type crossing in the middle, should provide for some fast carnage. Download this one if for no other reason then to just find out what is possible.

High School Tool

Borzz — Dec 17, 1996

This map is really a high school, almost like the one I teach at. Complete with a football field and lockers in the hallways. I didn't have time to go through every nook and cranny---I did want to get it up tonight. A net map that can be played with teams, every man for himself, king of the hill or kill the guy with the ball. With 2 it might be slow--although I plan to try it with two asap!! Great construction, great use of texture placement. This one is cool!!!!! Comes with a patcher that HAS TO BE USED!!

Niagara Falls

Borzz — Dec 09, 1996

Probably one of the biggest if not the biggest map I have seen in a while. It is not giant as far as space is concerned but in vertical form; it is one of the tallest I have played. Ingenious idea of using media to allow for long views without smearing. The concept of media/water with space was really interesting. A very unusual map!

Cross Me Fool

Borzz — Dec 09, 1996

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Olaf Fub 1.2

Borzz — Nov 25, 1996

Four levels, although two are transition/informational. Some really cool tricks, and very high-quality map construction... but I had trouble getting into a level that's 50% underwater. Other than that one gripe, though... there is some really cool stuff here. Definitely worth the download. Great map, good construction and nice lighting tricks, can be played co-op, we are testing it and it will also be posted as network level later. When you play this one sit down and take some time....Some of the doors aren't just doors-I got smashed and was caught off guard a couple of times..The rest you will have to figure out yourself.


Borzz — Nov 20, 1996

This puppy's much bigger than it seems at first blush. Billed as "a very simple carnage warehouse", this map contains lots and lots of nooks and crannies... enough to keep eight players busy, easily. The hill is reachable from a hundred different directions, it seems... you can jump to it from nearby ledges, and teleporters bring you to it from the farther reaches. And wonder of wonders... this map contains two lava pools, and neither one has to be fatal! This map has potential as a long-term keeper.

Hiroshima Mon Amour v1.3

Borzz — Sep 17, 1996

A larger, rambling level. You start on an outer, elevated ring, that cannot be returned to without some judicious SPNKer jumping. On the main floor, lots of constructs break up the line of fire, and provide hiding places... but secret doors and teleporters give access to all parts of the map very quickly, so there isn't much safety. Playable with two people (a little slow), but really comes into its own with 4 or more. Comes in two versions-with and without baddies. Update adds a third version of the map, this time with H-Bomb explosions to add to the ambience.

Island in the Sun

Borzz — Sep 14, 1996

Sorry, no description given at this time.

KreeNakoorie v1.3

Borzz — Sep 14, 1996

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Incubus v1.6

Borzz — Sep 14, 1996

A small central arena with a shielded hill (user-controllable), and some very easy-to-navigate passages around the outside. Bilaterally symmetrical, which makes it easy to lose your bearings... Very few places to hide, so don't take too long a breather! Update includes a couple of nasty traps for the two remaining safe places on this map...

Too Young to Die... v1.1

Borzz — Sep 14, 1996

Original version released in No Parole. This is a multi-level arena, with extremely fast-moving elevators bringing players to all levels. There's a small danger of non-regeneration due to the near-constant motion of the elevators, but otherwise, this is a really fast-paced level with plenty of weapons. Two versions-one with baddies, one without. Update adds new sounds, tweaks object placement.

Suffer Me v1.1

Borzz — Aug 14, 1996

A hill, surrounded by shallow lava, and overseen by several sniper perches. Getting on the hill is non-trivial, but stop in the lava if you need a little height... This should have some fast games. Update makes the sniper perches MUCH less secure.

EvenFlow v2

Borzz — Jul 06, 1996

Three maps. A major Juggie in every one (well, at least one...). Despite that (does my bias against monsters in net levels show?), these are relatively playable... except for the first one. (DON'T leave the main arena...) The third one's actually quite intricate... Update adds a fourth level (pretty simple, but quite fun).