Files for Brian Forsberg

Moloch's Crucible

Brian Forsberg — May 07, 1997

Today's best upload and the reason why there were no posts yesterday. A single level solo map that has some very good visual and construction details. You will be flippin' a bunch of switches but the flow and methodology behind it is very well laid out. The story line is good and the color touches on the aliens are done in very good taste. I won't spoil this for you, but make sure you can grenade hop. It is essential to the completion of this level. Definitely worth your time. Still couldn't figure out why the spnkr', possibly for another level in the future.

The Devil's Workshop

Brian Forsberg — Apr 17, 1997

A single level solo map that will make a grenade hopper out of you if your not already. I had to go through this one many times before I finally found the end. Search every corner on this map, the author has put in some rewards if you search hard enough. A interesting story line where you are a general that has been sent to a planet to investigate why a scientist has disappeared. Flow is interrupted with transporters and terminal transporting. This was the biggest obstacle I found with this map. It really takes you through some great ideas and then you flip a switch and transport. Monster placement was good and some very good terminal artwork!!