Files for Brian Wry


Brian Wry — Jul 10, 1997

A medium sized arena that is visually great! Two rings wrap around the arena, one-that is at floor elevation and on the outside of the map. And the second one-that runs a world unit above the floor elevation that is exposed to the arean. Very good flow with this map. It is stunnily fast and it is very well thought out. The shield recharge will provide for extra shields if you are lucky enough not to get a spnkr in the back while charging up. Enough ammo and weapons to fit a large group. Comes with a physic model that is, well, give it a try...

The Gauntlet v1.1

Brian Wry — Nov 01, 1996

A classic-style arena, reminiscent of Lack of Vision or What Goes Up... fantastic flow, nice variety of playing styles, and a few secrets. (Watch your back if your opponents find the recharger before you do!) Big enough for eight, but plays well with three or four, as well. Worth the download.